About Us

The Belmont Group was founded with the goal of providing cost effective solutions to sensitive corporate issues. We understand the importance of focusing on client needs and pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

The Belmont Group was founded by investigative attorney William B. Belmont. Mr. Belmont has over 20 years of experience in the investigation and security field. In addition to having worked as a law enforcement officer and trial attorney, Mr. Belmont served as Director of Operations for the world's largest security and investigation company.

The Belmont Group’s team of experts has overseen the management of hundreds of corporate investigations involving fraud, brand protection, workplace misconduct and theft of trade secrets. Additionally, they have managed hundreds of litigation investigations for national and international law firms. They have provided clients with crisis management plans and procedures, pre-incident consulting, vulnerability surveys and threat assessments. Furthermore, The Belmont Group provides security consulting services to clients for personal and private events.

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